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Fee Structure


To open an account costs R40.00 including VAT per month.

The Below scale indicates trading costs per transaction:

Brokerage Sliding Scales
ConsiderationXenium ScaleOnline Scale
Below R25,000 1.4%0.9%
R25,000 to R100,0001.00%0.85%
R100,000 to R250,0000.75%0.75%
R250,000 to R1,000,0000.50%0.50%
R1,000,000 + NegotiableNegotiable

Mandatory Costs

Investors must also be aware of the following mandatory cost and charges that will be levied on transactions:

  • STRATE settlement costs of 0.005459% of the value of shares traded (Min R10.92 / Max R54.59).
  • Investor Protection Levy of 0.0002% of the value of shares traded.
  • VAT of 14% is payable on the brokerage, the settlement costs and the protection levy.
  • STT (Securities Transfer Tax) is charged at 0.25% on the value of share traded, but is levied only on share purchases.


Xenium charge commission at a negotiable rate.

Interest is charged @ SAFEX +2% = (± Prime -2%)

Script lending fees for short positions are 1.5% per annum, with a minimum of R456 per position.

Please note each new position opened needs to have a minimum cost value of R50,000 – which requires a R7,500 (15%) initial margin deposit from the investor on a Top40 stock and R8,750 (17.5%) initial margin deposit for Top 41 – 100 stocks.


Brokerage at 0.4% (excl. VAT) of the value of the transaction + R60 (incl. VAT) booking fee. The booking fee of R60 per future code in which a new position is opened per day – therefore you pay only for the opening leg of all transactions, and only once per day per future code
Market maker’s commission at 0.1% (excl. VAT) for the spread

Interest payable on the SSF cost value would be determined daily by the market maker in relation to the ruling SAFEX rates

Interest will be paid on cash balances in the SSF account at the JSE Trustees rate