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Xenium Financial Managers (Pty) Ltd is a FSB Approved Discretionary Financial Service Provider, established in 1998.

We offer a wide variety of personalized and dedicated financial services.


At Xenium Financial Managers, we are registered to advise and manage equity portfolio’s, unit trusts (CIS: Collective Investment Schemes), money market products, bonds, securitised debt and financial instruments such as derivatives. Our core specialty is the analysis, management and trading of equities. The manager will select among the top unit trusts or top shares on the JSE for your personalised portfolio.

Xenium Financial Managers has over 15 years experience in the market and we aim to beat the market benchmark by selecting potentially better performers among the top shares (unit trusts) and eliminating potential under performers. The manager would regularly re-evaluate the selection and weighting and make changes as required. Timing is important in the investment process to achieve enhanced returns.

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Daniƫl Izan de Bruin
(Member of SA Institute of Stockbrokers)

Izan de Bruin has been in the Stock Broking industry since 1989. He established the stock broking and asset management firm Xenium (formerly Izan de Bruin and Co.) in 1998. He has served as director of various private and public companies, in both executive and non-executive capacities, locally and internationally. Izan is a businessman with interests and ownership in a variety of economic sectors.

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Tel: + 27 11 888 8544